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On-Site Calibration Services and Contractson site calibration services

We provide a wide range of on site calibration services, covering numerous different instruments and equipment. Our services range from a single days work through to annual contracts with engineers permanently located on customer sites. We have an extensive knowledge of industry specific regulatory requirements and help customers maintain compliance in numerous industries including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cleanroom, Food & Beverage & Manufacturing. We specialise in the calibration of wired and wireless monitoring systems and have many years experience with a mutlitude of products and equipment. Read more about our capabilities here


Cleanroom Validation & Clean Air Cabinet Validationclean room validation services

Our engineers are fully trained in the requirements of GMP, ISO and MHRA and perform validation of cleanrooms and clean air cabinets in accordance with customer dependent standards such as GMP and BS EN ISO 14644. Testing capabilities include: Airflow Volumes and Air Change Rate Calculations (ACR), Differential Pressures, Particle Counting, Airflow Visualisation, HEPA Filter Integrity Testing, Isolators, Fume Cupboards, Laminar Flow Benches, Downflow Booths etc.

We also work in NHS hospitals and validate the performance of operating theatre suites and other clean areas in accordance with HTM03-01.

For cleanrooms read more here and for clean air cabinets read more here


Temperature Mappingtemperature mapping

We provide MHRA, FDA and IMB compliant Temperature Mapping services that deliver clear and concise documentation, consisting of a specific mapping protocols and reports. Services cover fridges, freezers, ULT freezers, incubators, ovens etc. Warehouses and Storage facilities and transportation vehicles. As a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory equipment is routinely calibrated to ensure optimum accuracy and traceability.

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Wireless Temperature Monitoringwireless-temperature-monitoring

We are the sole UK distributor of the Synapse Wireless Temperature Monitoring alarm system, manufactured in the UK by Atlas Technology. The system is reliable, simple to operate and easily expandable. With 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the monitoring system is used across a multitude of industries including the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, storage and distribution markets.

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Our Service / UKAS AccreditationUKAS accredited calibration services

We are customer driven and aim to exceed all customer expectations, both in terms of price and service. Our careful attention to detail ensures that our reports and certificates are of the highest quality and customers can be confident that their external calibration and validation requirements have been met. Our commitment to quality is backed up by our UKAS accreditation. Our engineers are well trained, highly motivated and flexible individuals who ensure constant and consistent delivery of our high standards. Customers can be assured that competent engineers are looking after their requirements with customer service at the forefront of their minds.